I fell in love with letterpress the first time I held a printed piece in my hands. I did the exact same thing I have watched dozens of people do ever since – took a closer look (like right up to my nose), cautiously ran my fingers over the impression, curiously turned the paper over thinking somehow that would explain the magic I was seeing before me and then exclaimed, in complete awe “what is this?!, I have to have it!”

I. was. hooked.

At that time, I was a design student at Portfolio Center, and student assistant for Hank Richardson (then Design Director, now President). We were scheduling visits to the school from real, live creatives who often came to speak to students and he had given me samples of a particular designers’ work so I could become familiar with her (and hopefully carry on a decent conversation). The designer happened to be Louise Fili, superstar print designer, expert typographer and lover of letterpress and she had sent us these lovely mini booklets that showcased her design work – and the books were, you guessed it – letterpress printed! Needless to say, I stole every one of those little booklets from Hank and I’m still not sorry I did. Actually, when I finished school and interviewed with Ms. Fili herself – I shamelessly asked for a few more.

That was the beginning. There is a middle and an end to this story as well – but that’s for another post. For now, here’s the takeaway from my little stroll down memory lane – NOTHING makes a better first impression than letterpress.


This piece was designed by my dear friend and very talented designer, Michele Cosentino. In her past life, she was a graphic designer, in her current life she is a fashion designer. Check out her lineĀ here.